Summer Foley

Singer Dancer Actor Model Advocate

Summer Foley is a 20 year old singer, dancer, actress, model and advocate originally from Ormond Beach, Florida.

Summer has trained in theater from the age of 5 years old. She has over 8 years of vocal training in classical, broadway, pop and opera styles. Her dance training is even more extensive, with over 12 years of ballet, 10 years of theater jazz and 3 years of tap training. 

Summer attended The Boston Conservatory at Berklee for two years before leaving to pursue Film, TV and public speaking. She continues to take online classes and hopes to get a degree in business. 

Summer has previously been cast outside of the Conservatory at the historic Priscilla Beach Theater, and she is a National Ambassador for the EW Foundation. Every spring she performs at the prestigious Books, Bellini's and Bel Canto reception in West Palm Beach, Florida. 

Summer is an active speaker and volunteer. She works with her own platform, Drug Abuse Prevention and Awareness, in honor of her older sister Jaimie, who passed after a decade of substance abuse. Summer's goal is to target the stigma that surrounds addiction and help those recover from it.  She has partnered with the state of Massachusetts as an ambassador for the #statewithoutstigMA campaign and recently hosted a talent show to raise funds towards this program. 




Photographer: Keith Patankar and Stephen Lawrence

Model: Summer Foley