Summer Foley

Singer Dancer Actor Model Advocate

The Calm Before The Storm

The time has come. That's right, BREAK IS ALMOST OVER! Mixed emotions definitely, but boy am I ready to get going. 

I am always so thankful for break. It's a time for us students to decompress, wind down and appreciate the work we put in over the past 4 months. As draining, stressful, and tiring as first semester is, it is so rewarding to look back and see the massive amount of progress that takes place. This semester I felt more integrated into the community of my school and communities in Boston. I think it's safe to say Boston is my home base now. 

This Friday, I fly to NYC! That's right! The big fruit! I'm excited and anxious and stressed. However, I'm thankful for this break because as I've been working out, dancing on my own, and running through my audition material, I feel a wave of calm come over me. I'm prepared. Really prepared. The amount of people I have to thank for this "preparedness" is overwhelming but it sure makes me feel lucky. Lucky to be at the school I'm at, lucky to have parents that work their butts off to make sure I can stay there, lucky to have friends/mentors/teachers who support me and lucky to be able to do what I love.

I watched the Golden Globes Sunday night, and how inspiring. The community of actors we have in Hollywood are (for the most part) being responsible actors, and that was proven as Meryl Streep stood up and asserted her power as a woman, intellectual and artist in her truly articulate speech. This helped with this "calm" that's been coming over me. Sure, I'm stressed and anxious for an audition and to be somewhere where I am just one among thousands, but so was Meryl, so was Viola Davis, so was Emma Stone. If I work hard enough, there's a place for me out there. 

I'm excited to get out of my head and enjoy a weekend of "preparedness"! Off to the city I go.