Summer Foley

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Here it goes: this self love thing

I've been saying, on almost every platform, that I'm focusing on "this self love thing". I call it that because I'm still not really sure what it is. I love the advice I've received about it, but at the same time, we are all so different. How am I to know that some way of thinking that helped my sister may help me? I don't. I don't know. 

However, I'm excited to figure this out. This kind of mind-boggling concept that some people inherently have, and some people never will. I've come up with my definition for "this self love thing", which is: a way in which I am able to treat my mind and body as equals and value my worth. I have to specify because I never really gave any love to my body. And I never thought that I'd have to really nourish my mind. 

I would say that I have matured more in the last four months, this past semester, than any other time in my life. School work was heavy, normal work was heavy, and my personal life went from my eternal joy to the thing I wanted to rid myself of. What I found in all of this though was how strong a positive mind can be. 

A lot of grieving took place from point A to point B, don't get me wrong there. But I found real solace in the acknowledgment of my pain. Knowing I was in pain about these certain events that had occurred reminded me that they were real. The happiness I received from that person and those memories was real. I am so thankful I had those experiences. I learned so much about what makes me happy, what makes me mad, what motivates me, and what suffocates me (not literally). 

I have never looked forward to a chunk of time in my life like I have for these next 6 months. Sure, some stress, loathing and road blocks will occur, but after this last semester, I figured myself out. I know what's going to lift me over these hurdles. And I know that if I treat my body right, and feed my mind positivity, I can be the unstoppable force I'm striving to be. Of course, mostly happy.